Confirmation: You can upgrade 13th Gen Intel Framework Laptop 13 to Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 using the Intel BE200 chip

Hi everyone,

I wanted to report that I was successfully able to replace my Framework Laptop 13’s AX210 chip with a BE200 chip. I’m sharing this information because there’s a lot of misinformation floating online:

  1. This completely false viral tweet claiming it wouldn’t work.
  2. This post which casts doubt on support.
  3. Etc.

The card works great. Here are the steps that I followed:

  1. Buy the card (I used AliExpress, your mileage may vary).
  2. Replace the card using the official Framework guide.
  3. Install the official Intel drivers (the Intel BE200 currently doesn’t work out of the box on Windows 11 without the drivers).

And that’s it. Nothing special at all. showed good results.

I hope this post helps inform the community regarding the compatibility of Intel BE200 chips with 13th Gen Framework laptops.

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I would not call it entirely false, it definitely doesn’t work on a lot of systems (afaik works on some intel platforms, even some older ones but I have not seen anyone that got it working on any amd platform)

Good to know it works on the 13th gen intel framework though.

It definitely doesn’t on the amd at this point XD

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Has anyone tried it on AMD Framework laptops?

I did, some others here did too.

Doesn’t even post.

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Thanks for the info! Is there any known way to get Wi-Fi 7 on AMD Mainboards, then?

Interesting… Well at home I have a 1500Mbps internet connection and my 13th gen Intel Framework laptop using it’s AX210 gets an average of 1400Mbps down using a Wifi 6E router (always get full 1500Mbps using a 2.5Gb dongle)… so even though a Wifi 7 card isn’t needed… it sure is nice to know it can work. Thanks @Nadim!


I suppose one of the mediatek 7 cards but they are even harder to get the tha be200 was when I got mine.

Also not the best idea to get 7 stuff now it’s not even ratified.

I wanted the be200 as a better ax210 that may use even less power doing the same, if it ends up doing the actual 7 spec well that’d be a nice bonus.


Oh hey, that’s my reddit post. I’ve updated it now, thanks for the sharing your results.