Considering upgrade to AMD

I have a DIY 11th gen intel with the following parts which I’m not sure will work with the Ryzen motherboard:

  1. Ram: DDR4 3200
  2. Wifi: Atheros QCNFA222 AR5BWB222

Could these be re-used?

Not to sure on the wifi, but the RAM can’t be reused as AMD 7000 is DDR5 only!


If this is just a bog-standard M.2 2230 A+E keyed PCIe card (and if it works in an 11th gen, it must be) then yes, you can use it in the AMD board.

@Shiroudan got it right, the DDR4 is a hard no. You’ll have to get DDR5-5600 SO-DIMM.


That’ll likely work but you do also get a much newer card bundled with the amd board.

Not anywhere near as open as an ath9k but a lot faster.