DDR5 Ram only for AMD?

Apologies if this was announced, I’m not quite sure if it is: is DDR5 the only supported memory for the AMD Ryzen 5 mainboard or will DDR4 still be supported?

It has to be. Zen 4/Ryzen 7000 does not support DDR4 at all.


Let me push this topic to further questions about the DDR5 and the new board :

  1. What about Non-Binary 24 / 48 / 92 GB of RAM ? Will the board be compatible ?
  2. Is the 64Go the maximum limit it will ever have or could it be higher than that with, for example, a futur firmware update ?
  3. What about DDR5-6400 one and up ? Will they be usable with the board ?

Those questions won’t have answers until we know what the chipset is capable of. We’ll have to wait on AMD to reveal the sku Framework is using, then Framework to update their specs.


@Fraoch That’s what I was afraid of… Thanks!

Okay I need to read better: on the AMD mainboard page it says that you will need to buy the DDR5 RAM and AMD WiFi card either as a kit with the mainboard or as separate parts…

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Actually, even Rembrandt (the current Zen3+/RDNA2 generation) is DDR5 only. So there’s really no reason for AMD to do a RAM controller regression just to support DDR4.

Hmmm…will there be AMD EXPO support?