Forum Edit Time Increase Request

Currently it seems our post edit time is really low. I have a thread (USB-C/Thunderbolt Dock Megathread) which relies on being able to be edited, perhaps even rather frequently as people purchase their own laptop docks.

It seems that if Discourse’s setting of post edit time limit is set to 0, it allows editing forever (very useful for a thread like this). Its default value is 86400, which is about 2 months. From what I’m reading, this was added in because the team behind Discourse seems very concerned about post vandalism. However, I have personally run several forums for many years and have never once ran into an instance of vandalism, so I’m not sure what has them concerned.

There is an alternative solution as discussed in the Could we have a wiki page? thread, which may actually be a better solution than the megathread post. I’ll be keeping an eye on that thread.


Seems my Thunderbolt post has been converted into a wiki. Thanks @ctl!


We’re still working on how to best structure and moderate the forum but setting these Megathreads as Wikis makes sense!

For now, feel free to tag @nrp or me to convert others as they come up. We’d love hear other ideas on how to build out the forum!


@nrp @ctl Made a megathread for framework laptop feature requests Feature Request Megathread