CPU difference 7v9

So I’m looking at the system processor Ryzen 7 vs. 9, with 0.1 ghz difference, running on same cores. What’s the difference in speed or processing power? 7840hs vs. 7940hs, obviously a difference in those by 100 and 0.1 difference in ghz, so does that make the Ryzen 9 much faster than Ryzen 7?

Minimally, although there’s (possible) undervoltage support in the 7940 vs 7840, but no official Framework BIOS support for that yet, not sure if we’ll end up getting it.

So in practice, it may make a slight difference, it may not. It’d be more about theoretically the 7940 potentially being better binned to be able to be rated to run at that slightly higher speeds, so it might run slightly better/cooler/something at lower clocks. All very theoretical.

So yes, it is faster, slightly, but otherwise in most practical usages probably very minimal difference in my opinion.

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Seen benchmarks of 7940HS being slower than my 7840HS. So the difference is lower than the spread.

According to this comparison they have identical performance. However the 7940HS supports undervolting, which is not officially supported by Framework, at least not yet. So you need to find an easy and reliable way of undervolting by yourself if you want to utilize the 7940HS. If not, buy the 7840HS version instead

Technically there is no difference outside of the silicon bin.