Ryzen 7 7840HS vs Ryzen 9 7940HS - Which one did you get?

Which one did you get and why?

  • Ryzen 7 7840HS
  • Ryzen 9 7940HS
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Trying to decide for myself, and surprised there aren’t any other discussions (that I could find) on it


I’m in batch 1 and chose the Ryzen 9 7940HS, only because I didn’t spend much time researching it first. Probably a massive waste of money but I haven’t gotten mine yet.

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Without official support for the undervoltung feature of the 7940HS, the price difference of €200 to the 7840HS cannot be justified by a performance gain of merely 5%… was my reasoning.


I went with the 7840HS. If I could have been sure the FW 16 would support the undervolting functionality that the 7940HS has, I might have considered it, but since that wasn’t a sure thing, I decided to save the money.

Has it been confirmed one way or another if the FW 16 will support the voltage curve optimization (or whatever it’s called) “out of the box,” so to speak? If so, that might be a factor to consider. I don’t know that I’d cancel and re-do my pre-order over it, but for anyone who hasn’t ordered yet, it may be a consideration.

Technically, despite the big reported gains in efficiency from undervolting, there’s really no guarantee it will even be worthwhile in every case on every chip. So the only thing you can really count on is the bit higher base and boost clocks.


I got the 7840HS since it’s powerful enough for what I want to use the laptop for


Upgrade would have brought me further out of budget for extra horsepower I would rarely use.

Same here. Batch 3. I knew preorders were piling up, and I didn’t have much time to research the differences between the two, so I just with the higher-end CPU. Plus, I thought a higher-end CPU might be more future-resistant. In hindsight, the small differences between the CPUs are not worth the extra cost, but changing CPUs would require me to cancel my order and lose my batch 3 spot.

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Yeah, I probably would’ve done the same if I wasn’t sure of the differences. However since I had thoroughly researched all of AMD’s CPU options prior to pre-orders opening I already knew that the 7940hs wasn’t worth it over the 7840hs.

Personally I had been expecting Framework to offer the 7640hs and 7840hs as the CPU options with a ~$250-320 price difference between models, which would’ve been a tough choice for me (7840hs is meaningfully better but that’s a lot for two cores), however when orders opened and it was a 7840hs and 7940hs the choice was obvious to me.


I choose 7940HS cause I’m a rich idiot and I want give framework money.


Another vote for this. I was in a rush with the pre-order and assumed it would be a bigger performance spread than it was. Really, you have to wonder why AMD bothered binning parts so narrowly.
Oh right–money!
Hopefully a firmware update will let us play with some of the features on the 9.

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According to this comparison the 7840HS and the 7940HS are neck to neck


They are slightly different bins of the same chip. With the current power limits there is very unlikely to be a significant difference outside of some of the extra features the 7940 supports (most of which aren’t even usable jet).