Which CPU to order?

I am at lost to which CPU to pick from. Some forums discuss that the 7940hs might run cooler for the same load as the 7840hs. And if that is not the case, I wonder how to justify a 200USD upgrade for the cpu. Are the improvements from the 7940hs not easily measurable via common marketing metrics?

The conventional wisdom would be to order as fast as possible. That’s on unupgradable laptops. With the FW16, if you want a faster chip later, you can replace the Mobo

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@Eric_Lidiak that is soo true. I will upgrade next year with newer CPU if I decided that the laptop is a keeper and is without any major bugs and issues.

For example, every time AMD upgrades their Advantage platform, we could then upgrade to that version.

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There other differences besides slightly faster clock speeds on the iGPU and cores.


AMD EXPO™ Memory Overclocking Technology
Curve Optimizer Voltage Offsets

The problem is Framework hasn’t come out and say if these settings will be exposed in the firmware. If not (and if both have EXPO disabled), then only the clock speed is different - and that’s not really worth the $200 difference, IMO. If they can confirm it’s exposed in their firmware, then the $200 difference may be of value to SOME people.


Maybe this will help us decide.