Crucial DDR5 96GB 5600 kit compatibility

I wanted to ask if this kit of 96GB DDR5 5600 from Crucial would be compatible with the Framework 16.

Because I originally ordered 64GB of Memory with my Framework 16, I was wondering if removing memory would cause my order to be pushed back to a later batch. If I choose to not order the ram later on, can memory be added to a preorder without my preorder having to be pushed back?

I’m mainly asking because Crucial seems like a more reputable brand than Mushkin.

It has not been officially tested by Framework (the Mushkin 96 GB kit has) but community reports indicate that it works fine.

Yes. Ram can be removed and added on DIY edition pre-orders without getting you pushed back. Some things (ex. CPU and GPU) can’t be changed.

Do it, great kit. Been running it smoothly in my FW16 for a little over a week now

I will most likely purchase this kit rather than the framework memory modules.

Does adding memory and storage to your preorder require contacting support or is there an option from the order information page?

Unless you just really want to have it all come at once, personally I’d just order separate. Those are not unique items. That or order from your favorite vendor, it’s just less hassle than adding it to an existing order IMO.

Also to all those who are coming here for the crucial kit. I installed it in my 16 I received and zero issues.

I have the kit running on my FW 16 (batch 4) without any issues for the last 48 hours.