Custom chassis

I’m wondering if anyone has considered designing a custom chassis for the Framework.

I do not have the skills for CAD work myself, (or the CNC equipment) but I would be interested in perhaps paying someone for a custom chassis.

My specific desire being an extra thick chassis to hold a ridiculous, enormous, truly obscenely large battery. I hate wall outlets and USB-C power banks with a passion. :grinning:

I’ve asked NRP for the cad for it so I am able to look into the possibilities of manufacturing cases.


If you really don’t care about weight, you could fit ~44 18650 cells in the footprint, with some extra space on the edges. It would add ~20mm to the width and an extra ~2.2 kilograms, but depending on cell capacity you could probably last a solid week with light use.

@BrailleCortex That’s essentially my plan. I haven’t mathed out the size, but 1865 cells are my second choice, in the event 2170 cells don’t fit adequately.

@Josh_Cook I’m curious if you ever got the CAD file for the case, and if so, have you done any prototyping?

I was thinking if someone disassembled the Framework to just the chassis alone and maybe use those 3D printing/C&C apps to scan it to create a 3D model?

Would be awesome to create a bigger case or maybe just using carbon fiber/fiberglass similar to Thinkpads.

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