Any chance of offering a larger chassis to support a larger screen?

I realized that with an alternate chassis, you could support a larger screen for those of us that find a 13" screen too small while still using many of your current components.

I currently have both a Thinkpad 480s and a Macbook Pro 15" and I find that each has their own appropriate use case depending on whether I am travelling or working at a desk.

In any case, GREAT product and I cannot wait for preorders to open up.



Seconded. Please, please fire up a poll for your next product.

I want:

  • 17" screen
  • 3:2 aspect ratio
  • 100Wh battery (maximum allowed on commercial flights)
  • more module slots
  • ethernet module
  • no numpad. TKL maybe?

How large a volume of something do you need to make it an option? Some may want to pay extra for a 4-500 nit panel, while others may want a big laptop but couldn’t care less about the battery size.

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Thirded!!! I’d LOVE 17" Mobile workstation!!!

I was wondering on this note, considering how newer Acer notebooks have same configurations in their 14" and 16" models, I noticed that the laptop for the larger one just has larger spaces with daughter boards for the I/O.

Maybe someone could design and 3D print a chassis for it. The only thing would be the display, not sure if someone found a larger panel.