Probably going to make a shell

I’m due to get my device sometime in Nov. A friend told me about this machine and it’s a great option for someone who needs a lot of memory and moderate processing power.

If someone with better cad skills or a 3D scanner beats me to this all the better.

I want to make a wood shell case for the machine. I do custom woodwork as a hobby and small side hustle. Having that machine out and visible when I pitch customers or “how did you make that” at a coffee shop is a great way to show my skills.


I’m trying to figure out what it would take to 3D print a chassis (or even go as far as metal CNC) to make the Framework a 15" laptop. I imagine it would take a larger panel, which would be 3rd party, and I’m unsure how you would “lengthen” the ports on the mobo (I don’t have my hands on one yet, but mint ships Nov as well!!)

I’m unsure where the limitations lie in things like panel changes. I know they have an open display pin for touchscreen, which would be interesting to see a framework 2-in-1 chassis. But Possibly a completely (or standardized) 15" chassis with a 15" touchscreen panel. The hardest part would be making the mobo ports work with the extended sides. I have no experience in this portion of the field, mainly hardware experience as opposed to engineering.


That’s pretty cool. I thought of aluminum also since we have a Tormach where I am.

Screen size or a whole new case that’s out of my skill level.

I also thought of making the case wider to hold my numpad.


one thing, is that wood is a fantastic insulator, so you might have some heat issues, or need to live with more fan noise.
But either way, would really like to see pictures once done.

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Absolutely. I have no intention of blocking the ventilation ports. I’m actually thinking it needs something on the bottom like the tray someone else here designed so when it’s on a desk it’s up a bit. I’m also thinking if it’s on the workbench maybe I should put in a filter.

I think this design has all the vents on the bottom.

I’m laughing a bit because wood has usually about R1 per inch… Now if I made the case of aerogel. I’m a housing/building science nerd also.

Going straight for the full Al frame would solve the heat issue. Copper or a acid patina bronze would be ever better.

I am a klutz and my old laptop has some epoxy on the inside to repair broken threaded inserts. So this is a durability thing as well.

I’ve got a long list of things to do before this and I’m hoping someone with better cad skills zips through this or the manufacturer releases their drawings.

I’ll post photos when or if it gets done.