Cyclic reboots after plugging in Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Headset into Batch 5 3rd tier laptop

When I connect the headphones to my Dell USB-C hub monitor and connect the USB-C cable from monitor to laptop, it works perfectly.

All h*** breaks loose when I attach the headphones directly. First USB-related popups from Windows 10 Pro, and then reboot, cyclically.

Please fix. Soon. Seriously.

Sounds to me like a windows 10 pro problem. Do you encounter the same issue on other os be it windows 11, linux or *bsd ?

I have been using these headphones on another laptopo (Lenovo T490) running Windows 10 Enterprise for several years now, FYI :

@nrp I have been raising support requests, one per day, containing dozens of crash reports. Are these being looked at? Are support tickets being created? How can I track these requests ?