DaVinci Resolve w/ framework - so buggy

I’ve been using the DIY addition now and got over some initial playback issue with Resolve 17 but it is endlessly buggy… Audio is playing on my timeline, when I export it doesn’t. It plays footage back in the edit page but stops halfway through exporting and it can’t export the footage…

Wondering if anyone else is using resolve 17 with their new framework laptop and running into so many glitches???
my specs:
11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz
64 ram
1tb SSD

I’m using Resolve as well but not extensively. Are you on W/10 or 11?

I have been using Resolve on Windows 11 without issues so far. Which BIOS version are you on?

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Hate to be that person, but Resolve is known to be resource intensive, particularly GPU and VRAM hungry. While our Intel iGPU are very respectable and match or surpass supported dGPU from year’s past, the fact is that Resolve won’t run so well on iGPU machines. I run Linux and Resolve tragically doesn’t playback on with Intel OpenCL drivers at all. In my mind, our frameworks are unlikely to be very useful for running Resolve, if at all.

Again, I have exported around 10 projects already without issues… Maybe it’s an SSD thing (I got one from Framework) or some sort of BIOS difference

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I’m not sure what my BIOS version was, and I was on windows 10. I was fed up and bought a gaming laptop with a designated GPU. It wasn’t nearly as powerful as the framework but it hasn’t produced a single bug in resolve so unfortunately I won’t know the root cause but the result that’s good enough for me. I had already spent so much time troubleshooting I just thought I’d return it. I appreciate the thoughts and input