[RESPONDED] Framework 16 with gpu and davinci resolve on linux

Framework 13 user on fedora here, love this laptop! Has anyone tried davinci resolve on the framework 16 with the GPU? I can’t find any tests, benchmarks or reviews on that setup. Just curious. If it’s a decent experience I’m thinking of puling the trigger. I don’t need ultra fluid experince and ultra fast rendering. I just need it useable is all. Does anyone with the 16+gpu on linux have a couple hours to spare and try it out? happy to pay in internet karma :stuck_out_tongue:

I vaugly recall one of the reviewers running benchmarks with davinci, but I don’t remember who.

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Man I can’t find it for the life of me. I find ones with the framework 13 and an EGPU, but none on the 16 with the approved module :frowning:

Maybe here at 20:24?

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@FORREST_GREENE it also matters if you’re on Windows or Linux. Davinci Resolve simply will not run on Linux unless you have a dGPU, so regardless of what the performance is: if you’re on Linux the dGPU is prerequisite.

I think Phoronix tested it

Yes, it should be fine. No, we have not tested it for GPU rendering, etc.

In both instances, this will require the completely untested/unvetted by us proprietary GPU driver.

For Ubuntu (recommended):

I know these guys, Venn is an expert on this as of a month ago, this worked.

For Fedora (Expect some issues):


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Just to be clear, packaged drivers are not the same as proprietary drivers :slight_smile:
The packaged drivers build the entire open source ROCm stack into binaries. Fedora is also working on packaging it all directly so you don’t need to use any of the AMD repos and binaries if you don’t want to.


Ah, good point. Old habit. (Habit going back some years, Mario likely gets I find myself in NVIDIA-mode sometimes)

FYI, Mario is the authority here on these types of matters - if they say it’s a thing, it’s a thing. Seriously.

Man, this is great! :slight_smile: