DDR4 selection -- do I need pairs?

Do you still have to install memory like this DDR4 in pairs for max performance (dual channel?)?

It is letting me configure just one memory stick in the purchaseconfigurator. Will that be lower performance?

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There is no ‘need’ to do anything but my understanding is using 2 sticks provides more data paths and can makes some tasks appear to work quicker.

So it depends upon your concerns

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Single-channel will be lower performance than dual-channel.


Ok so just to be very clear:

Nothing has changed with how memory or controllers work and it is still a requirement that you paid your DIMMs to get maximum performance (which I think is called dual channel mode)?

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Could they change ???

My understanding is that the CPU has a number on data lines, use some for 1 RAM and another set for a second if wanted, so it wouldn’t really work to have the two connected to the data tracks.

I have no idea if they could change.

It sounds like configuring pairs is better for performance

DDR5 has changed LOL. But yes, you don’t “REQUIRE” 2 sticks but I would recommended. Also the onboard video will show as a Intel UHD instead of Iris Xe if you only have 1.