Delay changing audio output

Every time I connect a Bluetooth audio device there is a 10-15 second delay switching between speakers and Bluetooth. I can’t manually switch to speed this up, because it doesn’t even show up within that time frame. It claims to be connected in the Bluetooth menu, but doesn’t show up in the audio device menu until it’s automatically switched.

What version of the laptop, what OS etc.

12th gen lower i7 windows 11. The Bluetooth driver is what came from framework’s 12th gen driver pack, but both windows update and the website based Intel driver tool say everything is up to date.

Not sure if this issue was with the 11th gen board or not. I have tested this with multiple Bluetooth devices, though. Cable connected headphones switch immediately.

OK will test my 11Gen :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I just ran a quick test using the 11th gen i5 framework on Win 10 and a UE Wonderboom portable speaker (which has great BT firmware). After just turning on the speaker, the laptop automatically connected and switched audio in 5 seconds.

Just checked with Windows 11.
Disconnect working bluetooth via Bluetooth settings
Speaker comes on immediately
Tried to reconnect bluetooth after 12 seconds it unpaired and I have to reconnect which took 2 seconds

but the next time it reconnected in two seconds

Third test
Disconnect straight to speakers
Reconnect 2 secs to Marley speakers

Maybe it’s just this combination of Framework laptop and Raycon headphones and earbuds. I tried those same headphones with my desktop and my phone and both hosts switched within one second, though. :thinking:

I’m not clear about what you are doing.

How are you connecting and disconnecting? not that that seems to be the issue if you use the same operations on your desktop :frowning:

Through the bluetooth menu on the action center. win+A
I’m connecting the headphones to each host I test with no other devices connected to the host or the headphones in question. The phone is using the factory’s built-in bluetooth connection and the desktop is using a usb to bluetooth dongle that stutters the audio every 5 seconds or so, but still connects and switches within one second.

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OK That seems to be the same operation, apart from I use a Marley speaker as the bluetooth device.

I just realized, neither my headphones nor my earbuds have their mic show up in the “recording” section of the “sound” window. The disconnected one isn’t even the headphones either, it’s the built-in jack. I also know from my desktop that there is a connection type that allows for input and has low quality output (headset mode), but I want higher quality both. My phone can do that, my laptop/desktop should do that, too. Anything less is unacceptable. I’m even willing to connect the over the ear headphones as two separate devices to make this happen, but I can’t even find out how to do that. My headphones are able to connect to two different hosts with the same connection method (headset or not), my laptop can connect to two different bluetooth devices, it should in theory work but nobody on the internet has an answer.

Also, when I go to settings>Bluetooth and devices>devices>more Bluetooth settings>com ports, I see an incoming AND an outgoing port for my earbuds while it still doesn’t show up in the “recording” section of “sound”. I can’t even find headset mode. This thread started out as one issue and quickly became two; one that should have a fix, and one that is just Microsoft dropping the ball with literally every single OS.