Dell Repairable Laptop Concept

Just ran into this article. It was predictable that this would happen however the 2030 implementation date leaves plenty of time for Framework to thrive. In a way it is a good thing in that it gives more credibility to the sustainability and right to repair concepts.

Dell Project Luna


Meh. Dell needs to state price and availability or not real.


A fanless design limits processor choice to low power variants, this is not a competitor yet

This aims to replace Chromebooks in my mind, which I’m 100% fine with-Google killing support after like 6 years of manufacture is abhorrent


I appreciate that, so far, every article I’ve read about the Dell Luna has also explicitly called out Framework as an existing exemplar of this concept.


It is more than just having a repairable product. Framework supports the refurbishment of their modules for use outside of a framework laptop. Elevated Systems Cyberdeck, numerous custom expansion cards, heck I’m working on my own UMPC as we speak. Such things would not be possible with any other companies products, outside of the raspberry pi maker scene.

I know of no other company whose product will enable me to make my very own UMPC (9" x 6") computer, that is so powerful considering the diminutive size . (Not only that, I’m gaining a mechanical keyboard, touchscreen, and a completely repairable enclosure / chassis from a 3d printer.

I’ve got 2 framework laptops, and just as soon as they open up buying mainboards in the marketplace, I will get one of those. As much as I am loving my UMPC idea, and it will probably become my main, I don’t want to loose the Framework Laptop in the process (by using its mainboard instead).

So while I believe Framework is happy seeing some of the changes in the industry, I honestly believe there is no other company that even comes close to what Framework has accomplished and continues to do.


Just note.

On Tuesday, Dell announced a new design concept for a laptop that’s long lived, easy to take apart and fix, and takes a smaller toll on the climate.

I noticed this thread’s article about Dell’s Luna laptop is very similar with another thread Right to Repair - #6 by junaruga . Feel free to merge this thread to another thread. Thanks.

Another similar thread. Dell Repairable Laptop Concept

Considering how big Dell is, I would have hoped for an actual device instead of a design concept. Regardless, it’s good to see a major OEM at least consider more repairable (and possibly upgradable) designs.

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Everyone can make a concept… It will start to be interesting if it becomes a framework for their products. :wink: – Source: LTT - but coudn’t find the originial post.


Technically Dell is not an OEM. They contract our manufacturing. So, they could contract with Framework to build notebooks for them.

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I am interested in knowing the source: LTT video. Could you tell me the URL?

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Here’s that part of the LTT video:

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Here is another comment: This time from TechLinked. Dell Made a Framework - YouTube

The quote was originally in an TechLinked youtube post (not video, but picture).

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Large companies tend to move slower, not faster - so I’m not too surprised (and from my experience with another peer vendor, getting feedback back to the product design team is super hard too, even as a large enterprise customer!)