What are the plans for future devices?

I’m just curious about what you were thinking about doing after you get the framework laptop up and running.

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First a laptop, then, the world!


That sounds wonderful!


Can’t wait for the “all Framework” tech set up to be a thing :crossed_fingers:


@nrp Any plans for a bigger framework laptop? (I’d love a dedicated number pad)

EDIT: I guess some others are also thinking about it in an other related post


Or a smaller one? Or is 10-11" too small to have it as modular?

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Something like the Onemix 3pt but modular and repairable would be a real dream.

Let the guys here get a chance to breathe lmao. They still need to get a marketplace up and running and work on a v2 with future processors and whatnot lmao.

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It’s hard when the possibilities are so exciting! But yes, the marketplace and v1 laptop should come first. Though I wonder what ideas are on the table for v2 laptop(s) :slight_smile:

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Yeah this was less of a demand and more just curiosity about possibilities / future plans.

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I’m currently holding off to see if there will be a 16 or 17inch… will definitely get one then.

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Their posts in the “We’re Hiring” section all start with:

At Framework, we believe the time has come for products that are designed to last. Founded in San Francisco in 2019, our mission is to remake Consumer Electronics to respect people and the planet.

It is tantalizing to think about…

It would make sense for them to start with products they already have some experience with, like displays and speakers. Products like those can be fairly simple to repair, if you can get your hands on replacement parts and are able to open them up without ruining them.

They could also put out a line of modular desktop PC cases and mice. It sure would be nice to be able to slot in an updated I/O panel to upgrade a PC, or a new set of buttons on your mouse to unlock a different layout.

Phones? That would be exciting!

Beyond that, damn near everything is up for grabs… Toothbrushes, soap dispensers, flash lights—OH MY!

If FW truly wants to keep electronics out of the landfill, then taking aim at household gadgets in the sub $100 range should be something they explore.

In the realm of computers, I have a couple of ideas for a “two and a half” product.

One would be a two-in-one that can be used in tent and tablet mode as well as a traditional laptop. That could use the same motherboard and the same size of display as the 13", but ideally a touchscreen, and it would need a different case and hinge. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 13.5" has a suitable display, complete with touchscreen (it’s the same size and resolution as the Framework display), so it’s out there to buy.

The other would be to make a small form factor desktop as an official product. That could be based on the Cooler Master case and the 13" motherboard, but sold as a complete system (either assembled or DIY) rather than having to be ordered as parts from the Marketplace. (Perhaps room could be found for at least one internal speaker so it wouldn’t be completely quiet by without adding separate speakers.) It would be a nice alternative to SFF Dell and HP systems, NUCs, and the like.