What are the plans for future devices?

I’m just curious about what you were thinking about doing after you get the framework laptop up and running.

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First a laptop, then, the world!


That sounds wonderful!


Can’t wait for the “all Framework” tech set up to be a thing :crossed_fingers:


@nrp Any plans for a bigger framework laptop? (I’d love a dedicated number pad)

EDIT: I guess some others are also thinking about it in an other related post


Or a smaller one? Or is 10-11" too small to have it as modular?

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Something like the Onemix 3pt but modular and repairable would be a real dream.

Let the guys here get a chance to breathe lmao. They still need to get a marketplace up and running and work on a v2 with future processors and whatnot lmao.

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It’s hard when the possibilities are so exciting! But yes, the marketplace and v1 laptop should come first. Though I wonder what ideas are on the table for v2 laptop(s) :slight_smile:

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Yeah this was less of a demand and more just curiosity about possibilities / future plans.

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I’m currently holding off to see if there will be a 16 or 17inch… will definitely get one then.

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