Dell wd19tbs docking station - unable to connect

Hello Community,

I am reaching out for support with a challenge I’m facing connecting my laptop to a Dell WD19TBS Docking Station. Despite several attempts, the laptop fails to recognize the docking station, hindering my ability to utilize external displays, USB peripherals, and Ethernet connection through the dock.

Steps Taken:

  1. Initial Connection: Attempted to connect the laptop to the Dell WD19TBS Docking Station using the provided USB-C cable.
  2. Power Delivery: Verified that the docking station is powered on and providing power to the laptop, indicating a basic level of connectivity.
  3. Device Manager Check: Looked through the Device Manager on Windows for any unrecognized devices or errors but found none directly related to the docking station.

Potential Solutions Sought:

  • Firmware Updates: I am looking for guidance on how to check and update the firmware for both the laptop and the Dell WD19TBS Docking Station. If specific versions are recommended, please advise.
  • Driver Installation: Information on any necessary drivers that should be installed or updated on the laptop to ensure compatibility with the docking station. This includes USB-C/Thunderbolt drivers, graphics drivers, or any proprietary software from Dell.
  • Compatibility Check: Any insights on compatibility issues between laptops and the Dell WD19TBS Docking Station, including known limitations or workarounds.
  • User Experiences: If anyone has successfully connected a laptop to this docking station, sharing the steps taken would be greatly appreciated.

Technical Details:

  • Laptop Model
  • Dell WD19TBS Firmware Version:
  • Operating System: [e.g., Windows 10/11, Linux distro]
    |Edition|Windows 11 Enterprise|
    |OS build|22631.3155|
    |Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22684.1000.0|

I appreciate any help or suggestions this community can offer. Your expertise and shared experiences are invaluable to resolving this connectivity issue.

I have a Dell Laptop, seamlessly it connects

Thank you in advance!