Diagnostic tool

In the Tested interview Nirav Patel mentions a future marketplace for people upgrading their Framework laptops to find buyers for their old motherboards and other parts.

I think some kind of diagnostic report that could be generated and uploaded verifying the functionality of the motherboard would be very helpful to protect both buyers and sellers.

Especially since the Framework is designed to be opened and tinkered with, there is more potential for accidental damage to the motherboard (static discharge, slipped screwdriver, etc) than the typical laptop.

Also it would be useful for repairs and troubleshooting.

Anyway, just a thought for the future when there’s enough of these around that a Marketplace is viable :slight_smile:


I’m wary about this, it’s a bit of a double edged sword.

On the one hand, diagnostic software can be helpful to verify the state of a part, but on the other hand, I have seen diagnostic software be inaccurate or defective sometimes, and getting around that is a nightmare.

For example, I work in a Samsung certified cell phone repair shop in which we have to run Samsung’s diagnostic software on the phones before we can give them back to the customers. I’ve had the software tell me that a camera or charge port doesn’t work when I can see with my own two eyes that it does.

If Framework made a diagnostic software, it would need a strong support team to ensure that it is accurate and helpful, and that it allows for easy support for when something goes wrong. Given how good my experience with Framework has been so far, I’m confident in their ability to do so, but I’ve seen the horrors of bad diagnostic software, and it’s not an experience that I would wish upon my worst enemy.