Difference in heat generation between i5-1135G7 and i7-1165G7

Good evening,

I am looking to purchase a DIY Framework Laptop Kit as soon as orders for Europe open, however I am still unsure about which of the Processor options I should go for.

Performance wise both should be fine, while more power is always nice I don’t necessarily require the additional clock speed of the i7.

What is a way bigger factor for me is heat. As both models come with the same fan/cooling solution I was wondering wether there would be a noticable difference in temperature between the two processors and if the i7 gets more hotter than the i5 to the point where the difference in noise coming from the fan will be noticeable?

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They are the same power, both should be the same.


Save your $300, there is not significant performance different b/w them.

I own an i5-1135G7. While I think Josh is right about the temperatures being the same over the long term because both have a TDP of up to 28 W, I think the i7-1165G7 would start to thermal throttle in less time than the i5-1135G7 when turbo boosting. I say this because the i7 has a higher all core turbo frequency of 4.1 GHz instead of 3.8 GHz and will consume more power during turbo boosting (thus generating more heat) than the i5. Of course, you will have slightly higher performance when the CPU is turbo boosting as a result of this trade-off.

From my own testing, when stressing just the CPU the temperatures seem to hit the high 90s (Celsius) just before the CPU drops from turbo boosting down to 28 W.