Disable the built-in backdoor

The webcam on-off switch is great.
Can Framework provide this for Intel Management Engine?

Apparently every modern CPU or motherboard has a built-in back door. This can control and monitor everything, is meant for government espionage, and can be exploited by hackers. Intel calls this Active Management Engine, and AMD has its own version.

Only a few companies offer computers with this disabled, for hackers or exclusively for government.

This makes me want to switch to one of these computers, or give up computing altogether. Can Framework offer mainboards without vpro AND other backdoors?

Thank you for your thoughts.


Maybe look at System76. Iirc they offer laptops with Intel ME disabled.

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I really am thinking about it. Framework is the best company to offer something like this. If not, it would be cool for a third party to do this to their mainboards.


correction: every modern x86 CPU. there’s still arches that don’t have anything like that, RISC-V or OpenPOWER for example. I think ARM depends on the manufacturer, some do, some don’t.

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they do not because of how disabling it gimps battery life

While I personally want a non-ME version anyways, it should be noted that using a non-vpro CPU like the 1260P and a non-intel wifi card would greatly reduce the possibility of remote access.


That is a great insight.