Coreboot and Intel ME

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I consider buying a Framework Laptop, and what is holding me back is the casual UEFI.

Coreboot offers an open source, faster booting and secure alternative.

System76 and other sources have already ported it to several mainboards.

I suggest this being combined with the upcoming AMD variant, in case you can develop a port.

Other than that, I can also see value in an option to ship with Intel ME disabled by default.


Disabling ME is no small feat, and has taken the companies offering it a long time and the contribution of Purism to even consider it. Considering that Purism started it and that it is not yet available for their Librem 14 laptop, I hope you understand the gravity of your request as it may help appease you when Framework doesn’t offer it.

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One more reason to go AMD

There’s still the Platform Security Processor with AMD, though (now rebranded as AMD Secure Technology).