Discovering FRAMEWORK changes my love of desktops + I HATE TRACKPADS*-) -

Well, imagine that! Framework has me changing my mind.

The ONLY aspect I can’t reconcile… TRACKPADS! I will always use a mouse. Pads too slow, and very uncomfortable.

ADDITIONALLY, I think i can work at 100% scaling in windows 11 with the forthcoming 16" model. 19" would be better at the resolution given (AT 100% scaling - i do NOT scale up much at all)

Hey, can the trackpad be REMOVED and i guess used for other things like NVME etc.?

in absolutely any event.

BRAVO and best wishes to all

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19" doesnt sound very portable. I think you may be better off building a PC because you get the upgradability, no trackpad, and whatever size display you want (although I would be happy to convince anyone to switch to a FW laptop, it just seems like a better choice for your needs).

You are talking about in the Framework-16, correct?
It appears the trackpad module serves to help secure the keyboard and any other upper module. You could maybe 3d print a blank module to take its place, but you’d have no way to route a connection to your NVME. And also be aware that it’s been stated that there is only 3.7mm of height available.

I’ve seen three people now advocate for the option to make a laptop inoperable for the average user. Just…don’t use the touchpad? There’s plenty you can do on your end once you receive a device to strip out functionality.

In my opinion, the only time that a touchpad should be removed from the FL16 is if there’s a module that’s more desirable that’s completely incompatible with it. To that end, several people (myself included) are interested in full-bay Input Module designs which I’m excited to see the progress on.

Yes, but jumping through hoops to disable a piece of hardware you don’t want and that takes up valuable real estate in your modular, customizable laptop is… well I think it’s an outcome that falls short of the ideals that the brand and the community is trying to push forward.

I plan on ordering the Framework 16 when it’s available, and as soon as there’s a different input module I can replace the touchpad with, I’m absolutely going to swap it.

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Not if you’re the Yoga Book 9i | Lenovo CA

But yeah, going with anything other than Framework at the moment means you’re losing out on repairability and upgrade.

What would you replace it with, if you could choose?
Keep in mind that the amount of space is limited due to the mounting system for the bottom panels. Height is limited to 3.7 mm. And the only connection available is usb 2.0.

Really anything, especially if it provides more screen real estate. An e-ink display serving as an ever-present digital notepad? An NFC reader? Honestly I’d even go for just a clean empty plate to replace the touchpad- maybe with different colors/materials/textures?


E ink screen replacement is a good shout. Doesn’t need a high data rate, low power consumption, and thin. Someone could probably figure out how to hack small kobos or kindles screen to fit the same size.

Color e-ink is currently bleeding edge at 3 Hz, so too slow for my grand plans, but definitely good for something static if you want a little graphical accent or performance monitor on the input bay.

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Many laptops I’ve dealt with had a trackpad lockout button among the function keys or some other method to disable it. Failing that you can do so through the OS - disable the hardware in there. Becomes just a funny bit of plastic after that. I sometimes disable a trackpad (if a shortcut is there) when typing on the built-in KB with laptops just to stop thumbs and palms brushing the pad and throwing errant mouse clicks around.

Removing it entirely would be a bit crazy. Laptops are meant to be portable, used on the go at least occasionally… it’s not always practical to pull out a mouse. Honestly, a few weeks use and you get quite capable with a pad, even if a mouse is usually better.


It’s a matter of what’s comfortable, not capability. I simply hate using them and if I have the option, I’d rather it not be there. I’d rather have a keyboard nipple (which I’m sure would be a nightmare to fit on the Framework’s modular keyboard) or a touchscreen. If I’m in a situation where it’s not practical to use a mouse, then I’m probably going to reach for my phone or tablet instead of a laptop.

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Great replies. Great conversation.

NOTE: i should have left off the bit about wishing for a 19" screen. I’ve been studying text-readability and screen size, PPI/DPI, sub-sampling 4.4.4, etc.

My ideal 4K text readability objective being an impossibility.

~> To be able to have a 3840x2160 resolution, no scaling of windows 11 (100% and NOT 125/150/200%) and STILL be able to read text. hahaha. I’ve tried a 40"TV and am considering a 32" monitor with what will likely be 125% windows 11 scaling.

SOLUTION soon i hope: During my thinking/studies, I’ve discovered that AUGMENTED REALITY glasses are cheapish and WORK!!!

Thing is, to do the ‘screen mirroring’ TO the glasses one must have the computer screen running. That currently makes sense of course.

WHICH is ALL a strong argument for having a FRAMEWORK!!!


I’ve come full circle with a much better conclusion.

Get a FRAMEWORK, AND ~> eventually get some augmented glasses for times when it’s logical. (eyesight concerns I’m ignorant about currently)

Thanks all. great to be here.

ME: I HATE TRACKPADS and will NOT use one EVER. So slow, so iffy, so muscle crampy feeling.

LINK i found: apparently worth it and best for now. ARA glasses. windows feature recently added, in beta.

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