Larger trackpad

Personally, I’d like to have a larger trackpad. The trackpad in photos and videos and videos of the Framework Laptop 16 looks much smaller than the trackpad on the MacBook Pro 16. It looks like there is room for a larger trackpad on the input module. I’d like the option for a larger trackpad.

What so you think?

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Honestly, I prefer a slightly smaller trackpad. I don’t need a giant trackpad like that. It just means that no matter what, my hands are partially wresting on the trackpad while typing. However, I would definitely appreciate a trackpad in the style and quality of the trackpads on Macbooks, rather than the “diving board” style on the Framework.

But I know some people do like a larger trackpad. I would imagine it’s possible to use a larger trackpad, but I suppose it’s tough to say for sure until people can start examining them more closely.


Personally I don’t want a large tracpad as it negatively impacts my typing, which I do a lot of while authoring my novel. As a fan of the modularity and customization though, I’d also like to see a larger tracpad as it would only bring additional value to the Framework platform.

So it’s not for me, but I’d support it.


I’m with the others – massive trackpads cause massive frustration for touch typists.

On the topic of adjustments and alternative modules, though, I’d love to see the touchpad shifted about an inch to the left. It looks like they’ve centered it with respect to the module instead of centering it with respect to the ‘g’ and ‘h’ keys; this means that my left hand has plenty of room while my right hand won’t be able to avoid the touchpad :​/

They’re limited on space underneath. The input module connectors are right below the keyboard, so the touchpad can’t extend higher like in the macbook picture. And then on the left and right there are tracks to enable the left, middle, right position options.

Not clear if there is any free room left and right. If there is, looks like it’s really not much at all.


They’re also likely using as many parts of the 13" trackpad as they can to save on R&D costs and to keep warehouse inventory simplified and lower SKUs on the Marketplace.


Purely anecdotally, one look at my MacBook 16" trackpad shows I’m only using the centre 75% of it…

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I personally love the larger trackpads. I never have any issues with typing on my 16 inch MBP. But maybe they disable the trackpad while typing. I’ve tried smaller trackpads with other laptops and never feel like I have enough space to move around. It’s one of the key features that determines whether or not I’ll buy a laptop. At the very least, I’d at least like an option to buy an upgrade for a larger trackpad. I mean that’s why we buy these computers, right? Customizability? Not everyone has the same preferences, and I know many people who feel the same as I do regarding larger trackpads.