Discrete physical touchpad click buttons anyone? No?

I’ve always found it odd that these just disappeared from laptops, they’ve always been so useful. I take it physical space could be an issue, but honestly I’ve got no clue. So much nicer to not have to worry about balancing palm rejection with being able to actually click when I want to, and having right click not accidentally give me a left click every once in a while is just essential if you like puzzle games like minesweeper or picross.


I am a big supporter of standalone buttons. However, unless the third middle button is back, it’s safe to say that I haven’t missed them much.

These one-piece clickpad button trackpads usually just … work. The only exception is early 2010 ones, but even those work more times than not, under most circumstances.

Oh yeah I’d definitely want a middle click. Bothers me so much using 3d programs and not being able to middle click and drag. With art programs it’s especially annoying cause I either have to get constant accidental taps with palm rejection disabled, or have to take a long time to be able to hold space while clicking and dragging. Then again I suppose I can use autohotkey to make a shortcut for clicks but it’s just nice to have physical click buttons

You don’t want a Trackpad. You want a TrackPoint.
I can’t imagine a TrackPoint keyboard being too difficult to make, especially given the modularity of the keyboard modules.

… Oh, I mean the 16 inch.

IMO, Macbook trackpad is the best I’ve used.
FW should be aiming for that, if possible.

there’s actually two types: ones with separate buttons, and ones without.
For ones without buttons, Apple’s secret sauce code/firmware/driver is simply amazing. Windows is approaching, but it is not at all close.

For ones with buttons and scroll zone, 2013 is around when they peaked. Then people decided that trackpads with physical buttons are just dumb.
And I can say this – for like, 80% of the time, they are sufficient. But the rest 20% you would rather throw the trackpad across the room

I prefer trackpoint myself, as some have mentioned in this. Touchpads are really annoying. I agree with anyone who likes trackpoint.

Any other keyboard type is meh…