Game cartridge, microsd card housing

Hey guys, I’m working on a housing for the micro sd card expansion card internals. I noticed that gaming of of a SD card works pretty well I might say, but I was a bit concerned with the card sticking out a bit. Maybe my worries are unfounded (the card is pretty tight in there). Rather than the card sticking out, I figured that an enclosed and sturdy expansion card would be better in my opinion (that sticks out as well but is less fragile). I use my FW mainly for projects and designing, but once and awhile I swap out a port for the card to game. Hard drive space is sacred, and having it swappable like this is awesome.

An added bonus is that you can use whatever card you like and not have a dedicated hard drive expansion card necessary (you do need to take it appart if you want to swap out the drive though).

I’m still working out the fitting and will share the design if people are interested. (I put the steam logo on it for the fun of it)


Nice work!

Crazy that we can get 256 GB SD cards now. I see a SanDisk like yours online for $25, add $19 for the mini SD EC, $3 for a 3D print, and you’re actually paying about 2/3 the list price of the 256GB card.

Can you share your print profile settings?


Yeah I figured it fits within the Framework philosophy to have the memory module replaceable/upgradeable and future proof :wink:. If the card dies, you can replace only the memory and not the entire card.

Anyway, I printed the parts on my prusa mini (with bondtech heatbreak) and with a .3mm nozzle @ 0.1mm layerheight in Polyterra grey (PLA). No particular unusual settings other than proper infill at this nozzle size. I’d noticed I reached the limits on inner tolerances for the screw holes (don’t have any inserts on hand in M1.2) so I have to make them slightly bigger. The Card reader PCB has a spring on the underside (I guess to keep the rattle out), but it could also be for grounding purposes as it is in contact directly with the aluminium chassis. We’ll have to see how it works out.

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But I think the Write/Read speeds are a huge difference here.

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@devryd Absolutely true. Loading times are not amazing (as in instant), but fine for gaming in my opinion (maybe I’m just patient). I’m working on an update of the design and ironing out some small kinks before wrapping up. A buddy of mine has a resin printer for the final design. Just for the fun of it I rendered the model as well (and noticed I accidentally designed a popsicle).