DIY edition dissassembled in factory?

I have recently watched the factory tour of LTT. He mentioned that for the DIY edition there is a special station in the factory assembly line where the previously assembled Laptop is disassembled again - so that you can assemble it yourself again at home.
As I would understand this procedure in order to do all the quality assurance, I wondered if it is really handled like this. Because after all the DIY edition is cheaper than the normal pre-assembled version. Thus, I wouldn’t expect that there is an additional step that is done. What I actually expected is that somebody just throws all parts into a box and that’s it.
Does somebody know more about how it is done?

That’s correct. DIY edition is only less expensive if you buy it without RAM, SSD and/or a Windows key. If you spec out a DIY edition laptop with the same specs and accessories as a prebuilt Framework laptop, you will find that it’s actually a bit more expensive.


Thank you very much for the clarification! Funny little details :joy:

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