DIY Electronics Specialty Supplier

Once again it appears I’ve scoured the internet incorrectly.
I’m searching for a low-profile Male USB-C to M.2 E-Key PCB (preferably w/o paying for an enclosure that I’ll have to scrap)

Does anyone know of a specialty site where I might find things like these, and where others in this community (who are likely diving into DIY electronics much more than ever before) might be able to find such things?


Check Tindie people make a sorts of weird interesting specialty electronics there

The usually Chinese online stores probably or eBay (which is the same products/sellers at a slight markup but ‘feel’ less sketchy)

Just remembered that I’ve seen some. Did you want plain usb-c or thunderbolt? Thunderbolt is hard to find (I bought one with an enclosure and scraped the case) but there were some with regular USB speeds bare, if that’s all you need? Not sure if any had male connectors…


Thunderbolt, I’m aiming to implement an AI accelerator in one card and a 5G modem in another.

Tindie actually has a lot of great things that people put a lot of design time & effort into. And it’s from respectable people all over the world.

It’s my 1st go to for the less beaten path of electronics.


Thank you, this is exactly the kind of direction I was looking for.
I can’t quite find what I’m looking for here (after preliminary searching), but this is an excellent resource. Thank you so much!

@ERLindeman I’ve been able to find thunderbolt to M key and then m key to e key.


Oh my goodness that’s amazing! Can you link it here?

I can’t find it anymore just search thunderbolt to m key.

Anybody purchased / used this? Especially for the extra USB2 breakout function? Doesn’t seem to include the actual port, I guess that means that mean having to solder on your own USB-A…

That’s made by community member Arya.
If you don’t want to solder on a port yourself, you could ask if she could attach one.

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