Will the Framework Laptop be available without an OS pre-installed?

Yes! With the Framework Laptop DIY Edition, you can assemble your system yourself and choose your preferred OS from day one.


I am wondering if Expansion Card will be sold separately

Yep! As soon as we stand up our normal Framework Marketplace product listings, we’ll turn on ordering of individual Expansion Cards and other modules.

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[quote=“ctl, post:1, topic:179, full:true”]With the Framework Laptop DIY Edition […] and choose your preferred OS from day one.

I wonder why the non-DYI edition is not available without an OS preinstalled?
I don’t want to built it myself, but I still want to use Linux and not support Windows/buy a Windows license with my laptop.

It’s just a missing built step at the end, so that should be easy, is not it?

FWIW ‘assembling’ a Framework only requires inserting an SD, memory, and the WiFi card and screwing the case together with the included screwdriver. Even with the annoyingly fiddly WiFi antenna connectors, total assembly time is only about fifteen minutes - it’s a huge savings over the preassembled one, especially if you don’t want windows…

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WiFi installation isn’t even needed anymore with 11th Gen in Europe or 12th Gen everywhere. That brings the setup time prior to installing an OS down to <5 minutes.


Agreed and thank you! I’ve done this last week and it was a breeze! It was so simple to install the RAM and SSD and to finally boot into Live USB. All of this was less than a couple of minutes. It look longer to peel the RAM and SSD from their packaging material!

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