Do people need a Framework laptop workstation?

I mean like the Dell XPS m2010, for the ones that need a really powerful workstation on the go or the ones that want a no-compromise mobile gaming computer.

So a bigger and thicker body to pack more components and a beefier cooling system that allow it to be reasonably quiet under full load and not thermotrotling

I myself am thinking if I will continue buying a desktop pc now that framework exist and made so upgradeable and reparable the laptop world.
Because I think most of the people won’t upgrade the CPU every year, so if I have the option to buy a complete laptop and after 2\3 years the cpu and\or the gpu upgrade, is a reasonably sustainable way of having a beefier laptop instead a desktop.
Being able to take your gaming PC anywhere by simply closing it and carrying it, for example for lanparty, if some have more than one living place or simply do not want to be fixed in one place at home.
And for the weight, the way I am thinking it, it’s not that important, because the main point is just to be portable enough and the use case is I won’t be carrying it daily, maybe once a week and just to the car. Or you work for events so you can take a powerful computer with you

Just throwing something for Framework to think about it



In that case, wouldn’t a high end ITX system work in your use case?

I run my own self build desktop PC and a Framework 13" laptop. If I need power, it will be on desktop, the 13" provide me portability with reasonable power.

I would love a Steam deck but feels too pricey and considering how heavy it is, using a laptop and a controller made more sense to me.

Desktop pcs are already quite modular, probably more so than the framework laptop.

I think not, with a laptop-style is not easy to damage the monitor while transporting it, and it’s just two steps, closing it and unplugging the power brig, in the case of the ITX, it will the same that a normal pc difficulty in parts to moving it but with a smaller case

Yes, for the cases where people need lots of PCI cards will not be possible, for the people that use USB o Thunderbold devices will be no difference and for the people that need just a gpu to. I guess i will be a very small amount of people that need something like that

The 16" already is a little in that direction but if it will sacrifice thickness for esthetic, I wish there will be another thicker one with beefier cooling and silence

these devices have close to zero market (not the 16" one, anything significantly bigger and “more modular”). at the end of the day if one needs extreme modularity a PC is the only reasonable choice.

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Yea, Desktop replacement laptops are kinda no longer in existence. The closest you get is a NUC/All-in-one PC.

Of course. I am looking forward to build my own high-performance laptop instead of purchasing it from certain companies. In my opinion, high-performance laptop will have more options for customization and it’s suitable for modular design.

I’ve had workstation laptops for years and if up to me I’ll never have another – no matter how good it is it’s always a compromise to my CAD desktop so getting a lighter laptop and remote-desktopping into my desktop is a =much= better solution. Even getting wifi tethered off my phone to RD is still a way better experience than working locally on the laptop. Now if I can just convince my work to stop buying massive beasts of laptops that break my shoulder in the airport I can stop being such a cranky bastard.

For the CAD use case, I can understand. For other use cases that require accurate colour reproduction locally / on-the-go, remote desktop is typically not a viable solution.

“Do people need a Framework laptop workstation?” - I need a mobile workstation…doesn’t need to be from/by Framework necessarily. Think there’s a market for it - 4 x SODIMMs with ECC support and 4 x m.2 …with or without professional dGPU.


The question was more in the way of FW have to offer one because people need it, not that they have to have it because is the trend

people don’t really need a product like this, which is why it no longer exists in the market.