Will you be moving to the Framework Laptop 16?

If you plan to get the Framework Laptop 16, moving from your current Framework Laptop 13, what are some of the features or functionalities you’re hoping to see / that got your attention?


I’ll probably wait a year or so before I’ll consider the 16 inch laptop. I’ve only had this i7 1260p 13 inch unit for about 5 months now. My bank account is still a bit lacking from after the last purchase :slightly_smiling_face:.

I really like the extra 2 expansion card ports and the possibility for adding a dedicated graphics card. I’d definitely prefer the larger 16 inch screen the way my eyesight is these days as well.


We’re in the same boat. Not getting any younger…


I like the versatitlity of the 16, but I highly prefer 13/14 inch Laptops. So I will stick to my small friend, but maybe update to 13th Gen Intel (if I’m bored somehow).


Not for now. I want to make this 13 inch laptop last a long time and since I bought an eGPU which is pretty fast I do not really have any reason why I should.

What I will probably upgrade is my Mainboard because I could get the DDR5 RAM with it.
The matte display is another possibility.

But I always try to think about the environment now:
What will happen to the parts that I had before?

So the Motherboard will become a miniPC for my TV, the old display hopefully a small monitor that I can connect to my current NAS when I need to debug it or do some GUI tasks.


Unless I wreck my Batch 5 Intel 11th gen beyond repair, no. I will continue upgrading and repairing till it’s a husk.

That AMD board looks nice, and that matte display.

I so love how good and modular the 16 looks.


Depends. Does it have dual NVMe capability? Curious what can fit in a 13 vs 16 inch AMD frame.work.

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Ultrabooks will still be my professional use case for the foreseeable future. That being said, I can’t imagine a better laptop for creative workloads (and an rp2040 module ecosystem? Shut up and take my money!), so I will be purchasing a 16” when I have more time for my hobbies.

Coming from an XPS 17 and T480 prior to getting my framework I will most likely get it. The 4 expansion modules are lacking for me. I have a thunderbolt dock at my desk but I often need to connect a bunch of devices while in the field and 6 ports will be awesome for me

Also with this more modular keyboard platform I can only dream we can figure out how to get a thinkpad keyboard to fit into one of them but only time will tell

There are a few concerns I have. First, will this have good battery life? I would also like to see what GPU is offered. I am currently using a ROG Strix G15 AMD Advantage Edition with a Radeon 6800M and Ryzen processor. The main issue I had with the framework laptop 13" was that it was too small.

That being said I am skeptical that the Framework 16 can deliver the same amount of performance as the ROG Strix, as it seems to be USB-C PD powered only, which only goes up to 140W.

I’ve also found that the 3:2 aspect ratio is not amazing in practice. Too much software is designed around 16:9.

Lack of good AMD GPU+10G or at least 2.5G ethernet will be the problem that would stop me from buying it.

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Unless it’s possible to slap a 13" mainboard in that chassis, I’d have to say no. As is, I was already thinking of just getting an eGPU setup going. Now, I’d still do that, with the caveat of snagging a Ryzen board down the line.

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The EPR USB-PD standard actually supports up to 240W delivery, and I wouldn’t be suprised if Framework was one of the first to implement that high a charging speed given their affinity for USB-C.
Also, the ethernet expansion card already supports 2.5G!


Ethernet expansion card is horrible, it’s not flush with the laptop. They really should have fixed that oversight. The only option now looks like a port on the rear of the device.

It was intentional, it couldn’t of fit flush with the laptop.

If they offer an AMD GPU option it’ll be a no-brainer for me. If they only launch with NVIDIA, I’m not so sure. They might be more powerful/efficient, but NVIDIA’s support for Linux seemed pretty lacking last I checked, particularly in wayland (tried to get my gtx 1070 to work with Sway, but did not get anywhere). I’ll have to wait and see.


I wont be moving. My ideal size for a laptop was 14", and I had a long line of laptops in that size. I also had two 15.6" laptops interspersed. At this point I can afford to use a laptop for what its intended purpose is…mobile computing. My gaming desktop is ideally suited for … gaming. My server is ideally suited to serving as a NAS and virtualization platform. I use my laptop when I am moving around or doing general work. I have no use for a mobile workstation at this time and dont foresee a need. The 13.5 Framework fits my use case perfectly.

Base on the responses so far, it seems like the FL16 will be attracting new customers…less on those who already purchased the FL13.

Interested in seeing what type of use cases the potential FL16 users will have.

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Plan to sell all existing computers including desktops and getting a Framework 16.

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I’m not sure what all would be required to swap my current mainboard and HD into the 16, but if that’s simple enough I’d go for it now.

This is a tough question. I’m absolutely hamstrung because I need a thin-and-light for professional use (and I’m very happy with my egpu setup), but as a hobbyist in many things creative (music production, content editing, electronics/microcontroller projects), the Framework 16 looks like my dream laptop. It’s certainly the dream laptop of desktop users (definitely emphasized in the teaser ad) and gamers, so I anticipate a huge influx of new purchasers but not as many migraters.

I’m also in love with the 3:2 aspect ratio now, so going back to a 16:10 laptop would be a bit jarring.

Some talented community members are no doubt going to find a way to kitbash the 13" mainboard and the 16" chassis, and I’ll be following that project closely, maybe I can throw my 11th gen mainboard in a used 16" when I upgrade it in a few years.

In any case, I don’t intend to upgrade my 13" for a good while, as 5 years is typically my laptop lifecycle. With Framework’s ecosystem, I only ever have to spend about half as much as I would in the same timespan by replacing the mainboard instead of the entire laptop, which is kind of the whole reason I bought into Framework in the first place.

TL;DR yes, but I’m not going to be on the pre-order list.