Documentation gap in the "Optimizing Ubuntu Battery Life" guide

From here:

To here:

Then, you would fail at:
sudo apt install tlpui

The ppa doesn’t have the deb for 23.04

that would be because the guide is written for 22.04, which is the only “officially supported” version of ubuntu.

All other versions are community supported, and Framework doesn’t have the staff to be able to write guides and keep the current guides updated for more than the current two.

Did you click on the first link in the OP, or am I missing something?


i.e. I’m not looking for support like calling / emailing Framework Support. I’m pointing out the gap in documentation that was crafted by Framework employee.

ah oops, I didn’t check the original guide, because I went straight to Optimizing Ubuntu Battery Life guide. This is definitely something that Matt should probably address, though it is made clear in the first guide that 23.04 is still a “community supported” distro, and the Optimizing Ubuntu Battery Life guide is just recommendations, with tlpgui being a gui alternative to editing text files, and not a necessary step in the guide. Also, just because the optimizing battery life guide was updated recently, that seems like it was updated to add information about the AMD boards, not a newer version of Ubuntu.

All that said, there should probably be some updates to the docs to specify that the Optimizing Ubuntu Battery Life guide is only written for 22.04, and that it may not be perfectly accurate for any other versions of ubuntu, and the 23.04 guide either shouldn’t mention it, or should note that some parts may not be accurate to 23.04.

Agree. Hence the OP title of documentation gap. (Documentation / content creator / owner should address the gap, not Framework Support)

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well, Matt Hartley, who wrote the 23.04 guide is support, and my guess is that he also wrote or updated the Optimizing Linux guide. But yes, I think we’ve hit agreement on “this should get updated”. Apologies for making it seem like you were wrong to ask that in my original response. Hope Matt gets some time to look at this eventually.

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None needed. We’re all after the same result: Better end-user experience.

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