Does Laptop Framework support ssd with heatsink?

Does an ssd with heatsink fit on the Laptop Framework?

no SSD with heatsink s please

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I checked the measurements of a few brands originally when building my framework and determined that no, they are not going to fit. Keep in mind that some of the less reputable brands of SSDs have also created higher thermals with heatsinks made of inferior materials (more of a look than an actual functional use). Honestly, I don’t think there is even a need for an SSD with a heatsink in a laptop! and this is coming from a guy that has one of the hotter known NVMe’s in his framework ATM.


No, and I would further recommend that you don’t buy an SSD without a heatsink when there is a model with one (for use in this laptop). For example, the Samsung 980 PRO has a model with a heatsink (which implies that it will likely get extremely hot without one), whereas the Samsung 970 EVO Plus doesn’t have a heatsink option. The calculus for desktops changes because they tend to be way better at dissipating excess heat than laptops.

This is actually why I moved the 970 EVO Plus from my desktop (where I had intended to use it) to my Framework and I bought the 980 PRO for use in my desktop (even though I bought the version without the heatsink, thermals are way better on my desktop).