Does the framework laptop 13 AMD 7040 series support MST

Briefly, I’m interested in whether the USB C ports can accommodate multiple monitors each. I intend to connect a dock with three monitors. I’ve heard that front and back USB C ports differ, so I’m wondering if it’s feasible, and if so, which ports would be suitable?

MST does indeed work.

Pretty sure that’s not laptop but platform and os speciffic though.

I actually don’t know of an x86 platform that doesn’t support mst, well unless you run macos on it XD.

I think it is thunderbolt-related.
I have researched a bit and if I understand correctly it would not be feasable to use MST on the two front ports because of the lack of thunderbolt with the AMD framework 13 but feasable on the two rear ports which support thunderbolt.
If front-right port has displayport alt it might be usable too but I’m not sure.

Nope mst can work through thunderbolt but it’s not bound to it, mst is a displayport feature not a tb one.

mst works on the 2 rear ports because they support displayport not because they support thunderbolt (though thunderbolt is required to support dp alt mode so i see where you are coming from there)

The front right port also supports dp so if your os and gpu drivers support mst it also does.

Front left is usb3 only, no dp so no mst.

If you however have a dock that is thunderbolt then mst, mst will only work on the 2 back ports cause it has to go through tb first of course (unless it’s a gen2 tb3 or a tb4 chipset in which case it should support dp fallback mode, yeah I get how that could be a bit confusing).

Ok, so guess I’ll try now that I am pretty confident it will work on at least two of the ports ^^
Thank you for the details ! It is, indeed, a bit confusing but that’s tech :+1:

I have another question.
Will all of this work if I plug for example two displayport cables to my dock and one hdmi cable ? Will my hdmi be recognised properly ?

That depends entirely on how the dock is set up. Some share ports, others don’t.