Doesn't power on (battery goes to ship mode again?)

Hi, all. Before reaching support I’d like to describe the problem here.

  • After closing the lid, laptop goes to the sleep mode. AC unplugged, battery is charged enough
  • Now some time should pass, not sure exactly but at least an hour or two
  • I open the lid - it doesn’t wake up. Pressing the on/off button has no reaction :sleepy:
  • Now, I can only power on the laptop WITH the charger connected, but the boot process is weird and quit long just like the first time: initially the screen is black for ~30-40 sec with the fan spinning. Then it reboots again (!), this time normally and quickly (with the framework logo).

According to this KB article seems like the battery enters the ship mode (again?). I suspect some firmware/BIOS issue. Any solutions? does anyone experience something like that?

Windows 11 with Driver Bundle 2021_07_08, BIOS updated to 3.03 but it didn’t help.
Probably related to Laptop unresponsive, from sleep state?


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Is the boot hardware/memory detection set to short or full or automatic in the BIOS?

Update: it happens not only in sleep mode: the laptop never turns on on battery after being powered off for some time as well! (without connecting a charger first). Battery was fully charged before turning off.

Is the boot hardware/memory detection set to short or full or automatic in the BIOS?

Such setting doesn’t exist in BIOS.

Same problem as here

Try to contact the framework support. They sent out a replacement shell/motherboard for mine, after swapping over the SSD, RAM, etc. it is now working as intended.

My guess is that some defect on a few boards/shells sets the laptop back to factory or shipping mode when the laptop goes into sleep or hibernation without AC present.

Thanks, just wrote to the support team.

@crystalidea The laptop requires the RTC battery on the mainboard to be functional to power up without AC. I would check if the coin cell battery is present and charged.
If it is not present or below 2V, then the system cannot boot unless it is plugged into AC.
The coin cell battery is located in the lower center of the mainboard next to the SSD.
If you are not comfortable doing this reach out to support and we can help you.
Be very careful removing it as the holder is fragile.

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Ok, thanks, I removed the battery and put it back again, for the time being seems to be working fine now.