Dual m.2 in the expansion bay

The expansion bay can use a “dual M.2 SSD Holder Module” but I don’t see this in the parts section of the market place, nor a fully assembled expansion bay.
I see some of the parts including the two fans but not a fully assembled expansion card. Maybe I missed it?
Is an assembled expansion bay only available if purchased with the laptop?
Does the dual SSD holder come with the expansion bay if it’s purchased as part of the laptop?
Thank you.

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There is a reference design. I haven’t seen any timeline for a production release, tho.

logged on looking for an update on the same issue. I don’t need a GPU. I do want to add redundant (btrfs ~raid1 array) storage, though. Theoretically this is possible with the second 2230 slot BUT those cards are slightly more limited in sizes, 2x the cost, and stacked right on top of each other which seems to pose a thermal problem.

Really hoping framework releases an expansion bay to add the additional 2280 nvme m.2 discs.

It would also seem like doing so would be able to support other uses where the side expansion cards aren’t that viable - such as an LTE modem in the 2280 slot with a passable internal antenna (or even external). Existing LTE proposals all seem to require large protrusions outside of the laptop in addition to the antennaes themselves, which pretty much means they need to be removed prior to putting the laptop in a bag :frowning:

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I’d also be interested in a shell with ethernet and and LTE modem.
The protruding modules that are currently available for these just seem very cumbersome.

I was surprised when I watched LTT video about tour in GPU manufacturer when I saw this

Framework seems to be producing those but those are nowhere to be found.

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I know right!? After I saw that, I was wondering when confirmation of production was announced, and then wondered if maybe Linus let it slip early? So first thing I did was look and now I’m here.

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Glad to see I’m not the only one who saw that. I watched it last night and was like “Oh cool they’re making the dual M.2 for the expansion bay!” Now this isn’t something I need, I have more need for the GPU, but I’m excited none the less!

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I’m posting this here

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Also wondering if this was a sanctioned “leak”.

I’d assume so give that in their latest blog post Framework described it as a “sneak peek”.

Yeah, but didn’t LTT’s video came out BEFORE Nirav posted his blog? :slight_smile:

Given that they knew he was going to be in the factory, presumably they wouldn’t have had those going down the assembly line if they didn’t want it filmed.