Framework 16 Dual NVMe Carriers Coming


It seems like at least according to the video just posted by Linus Tech Tips, Framework is planning to release a first party dual m.2 enclosure for the Expansion Bay Modules!

Link to the Video:


I was here looking for information on that, I can’t believe they would let him tease it like that and not drop it. Nothing on the store either :frowning:

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Time link (11 min 14 sec):

Transcript time link:


they’re packing up
framework dual m.2 SSD carriers. This
first station is flashing firmware then
the serial number of the board gets
paired with the QR code on the sticker
for the packaging then it gets bagged,
boxed, boxed into a bigger master carton


I think a 3rd party already makes a dual nvme bay for the fw16.
He also makes the oculink expansion bay.
Search the oculink thread for details.

Dual M.2 Expansion Bay Module - #16 by wojciech_migas ?

Josh_Cook has quite a number of Framework-related projects, but he hasn’t shipped anything yet.

he’s shipped a few donglehider+ expansion cards plus at the end of the day he’s only a teenager

This is from Linus’ video:

Will be interesting when it finally get’s officially announced.

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