Entering the Education Market

First off, I love this laptop, I love the ideology that has gone into making such an awesome product, and I’m really excited for my current machine to give me any indication that it’s time for me to replace it with one of these.

I have family that works in education (a teacher at a local grade school). I’ve heard horror stories about the damage that students can inflict on machines, but equally horrific is the amount of money and time that large computer manufacturers require to repair these devices. Obviously this initial Framework Laptop device is too high-end to be distributed to local grade-schoolers, but the concept of and easy to repair machine with off-the-shelf components would be a life-saver to school-districts around the world that currently are dependent on large computer manufacturers to distribute and repair their computers.

Have you considered entering the education market with a smaller device?


There is definitely great potential for bringing repairable, upgradable devices into education settings. It’s an area we’re excited about for the future.


Came here to post exactly this. Just one thing to add. This is worth doing also for propaganda (in good seance of the word). Planting early on the ideas of reparability, sustainability, and all the good principles that Framework is based on.

I work in a foundation that provides underprivileged students with laptops (mostly chromebooks) and the internet. Issues with laptops pop up from time to time, and if we had Framework laptops, fixing them would be a no-brainer.

The university I work for has a small computer shop with repair services in the campus book store. Framework could be great for those stores. Added bonus is schools often have discounted/free software for students, including Windows.