Ergonomic keyboard options

Currently keyboards are horizontally staggered. This is something still left over from typewriters, as they had physical bars actuating a hammer from each key that couldn’t overlap. But our fingers are straight and we don’t use bars to actuate hammers anymore!
It would be really nice to have to possibility to put in an ortholinear keyboard. Also looks better with their straight rows and columns.

I can imagine that this is not something that is interesting for framework to do themselves, as the market for it is probably still pretty small. (who knows) But it would be nice to have some way of retrofitting.

What would be a good way to make this a reality? I can see framework be the default laptop for users that want an integrated ergonomic keyboard in their laptop, which is now as good as impossible.


I’m a big fan of ergonomic keyboards myself, and seeing the Framework keyboard being modular there really isn’t anything to prevent the creation of an alternative layout of the keys. The problem is that it’s integrated into the Input Cover, and it’s not quite clear at what point you can change to a custom aluminum frame and a custom keyboard underneath.

I guess the question is, how difficult is it to customize the Input Cover?

(Also I like clicky switches, but I don’t think there’s enough space, even for the Kailh choc ones :stuck_out_tongue: )


+1 for ortholinear keyboard options int marketplace.

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