ESD when using Expansion Card

Hello, I’ve noticed an ESD when I plug in my “HDMI to USB-C” cable into the USB-C Expansion Card (see video). Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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IMO, that’s arcing, not ESD (Though I’m not well-versed in this area).

The following information might be useful:

  • Does this happen when the laptop is powered off and unplugged? When the monitor is powered off and unplugged?
  • Does this happen when you plug other USB-C cables into the expansion card?
  • Does this happen when you plug the cable into a different monitor? (If you have one with HDMI readily available? I don’t think there’s any real risk of damage, but test at your own risk.)
  • What specific cable is this (link to listing)? Even though this shouldn’t be the cause of the arcing, it’s important to know, particularly for HDMI to USB-C cables.

Does it happen only with power supply plugged in? If so, what power supply are you using? Is it properly grounded?