Static discharge when plugging HDMI cable in HDMI expansion card

I received my framework Laptop on Friday, today when i tried to plug in my both of my TVs HDMI cable inside the HDMI expansion card i received a static discharge, followed by a weird vibration on the metal chassis that disappear when i unplug it. I did it 3 other times(on both TVs) and 2/3 i got a static discharge in the finger that was touching the laptop chassis. The weird vibration on the metal part was there in every attempts. I don’t have another HDMI cable to test to be 100% sure unfortunately.

The expansions cards also don’t seem to work on my 2017 4K Samsung TV(no detection by windows, even on the displayport module), but worked fine on my FullHD OCEANIC TV.
They otherwise function correctly.

Any ideas what might cause this?

Please send a support ticket and we’ll look into what’s causing your HDMI Expansion to malfunction. Any information you can provide before submitting the ticket will most likely assist us in resolving the problem.

The HDMI module seems to be finicky about what it serves to…

The cable-TV combination that works well on my older laptops only works on the framework if I change the cable for a better one.

This may be a general issue, not just for the OP.