Estimated date for updated FW13 AMD BIOS

Now that the 12th gen BIOS beta is shipped, is there any view on when an updated BIOS will be available for the FW13 AMD? Nirav has previously said that the next up would be AMD (Issues enabling BitLocker hardware encryption (Windows Encrypted Hard Drive) on AMD 7840 - #39)

There are a number of (IMHO) significant issues that need resolving, not least the faulty PD management. I lose hours each week trying to get charging going on one of the ports. Without the port initiating charging properly, I cannot use my TB dock and hence my external monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse etc. etc.

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They probably won’t be starting on it until the 12th gen BIOS is out of beta, but after that, they will take all the time they need to resolve all the issues that they can in the upcoming release.

Not to mention the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION BSoD that so many of us are plagued with, providing it’s something that can be fixed with a BIOS update and not a driver issue, but the verdict is still out on the cause of these :frowning: