Ethernet RJ45

I hope I just missed it, but it seems Framework is WiFi only. Is there a module for RJ45 Ethernet?


As it stands it is WiFi only (unless you use a USB to Ethernet dongle) as there isn’t a RJ45 port on the laptop chassis or an RJ45 expansion card option… yet.

The good news is that Gigabit Ethernet was voted the most wanted new expansion card and Framework have confirmed they are already in the works, in the form of an oversized expansion card


Hopefully there’ll be an RJ-45 ethernet phy module soon.
Wired ethernet is a hard and fast requirement for me, so that stopped me from pulling the trigger on a purchase. I’m gratified to see there’s some activity on this, so I’ll hold tight and watch closely for now.

@Zack_DeKatt - would a usb-c to ethernet adapter suffice? That’s effectively what the dedicated module will be doing. I am not a hardware engineer, so perhaps the dedicated module will be more efficient, or there are other concerns that I am not thinking of.

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I’ve been a regular laptop user, pretty much since they were widely & commercially available. (Yes I’m that old.) As a consequence, I have developed a serious distaste for dongles over these many years: they’ve always been far too easily damaged, lost or stolen. I suppose I’ve pretty much grown to expect an rj-45 port on just about any piece of tech I buy. :wink:


DataVue Spark, 2 720 floppies, before that IBM 360 with a teletype machine and punch cards. I have RJ45 on everything else except my Fire tablet. Never had an even earlier desktop with a 5.25 floppy.

Hope the second generation has a builtin RJ45 port and an internal mini-sd.


Glad a RJ-45 adapter is in the works. How “oversize” is it likely to be?

While I appreciate the attraction of a wired network port, the truth is that the only place I really demand a wired network port is at my home workstation. In that case, having my monitors, keyboard, mouse, webcam and network permanently connected to a USB-C hub that I can connect to my laptop with a single plug is more advantageous than a RJ-45 port on the laptop.

However, having a RJ-45 module that can I can keep in the laptop bag, and swap in if I ever find myself needing wired network on the road would be very attractive.

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<<However, having a RJ-45 module that can I can keep in the laptop bag, and swap in if I ever find myself needing wired network on the road would be very attractive.>>

A RJ45 module just like (or slightly larger) that I could carry would be perfect for my nomadic travel between non-profits in South Brooklyn where my computer is this Framework, not one of theirs.

you could take the hyperdrive approach whereby the port opens up

A “half-step” design. Not a big problem, but you do have to have a small “lug” sticking out.
At least it’s plastic, so in case of external forces this module will always break. Although the same cannot be said for the onboard USB-C connectors …

I’ve never thought about it but having the cable like not under the laptop and sticking a bit out with the module is an advantage for me cause i always have my laptop in a way where the bottom is hard to reach and it’d be way easier to put on the cable.