Replacing the Wifi card with Ethernet

Hi guys,

I was wondering, for those using the Framework mainboard standalone instead of inside the laptop, has anyone found an ethernet card using the same A+E key as the wifi card?

Here’s a Gigabit card:

Here’s a 2.5 Gigabit card:

But these two have a header that connects to a cable that connects to a PCI bracket with an Ethernet port. They’re not suitable for a laptop form factor, only a desktop or server form factor.

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There’s an ethernet expansion card about to be released :slight_smile:

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True! However, that might not be suitable for @Jieren_Zheng’s use case:

For all we know, their application may not be able to spare a USB port to dedicate to an ethernet expansion card!


And using a 40 Gbps TB4 port for Ethernet is wasteful, even for 10 Gbit networking. Then there’s the conversion and driver overhead.

If you’re not using the wireless card, might as well put the port to use networking and save USB bandwidth. The networking M.2 slot is at least PCIe 3.0 x2 (or is it x4? Does anyone know?) so it would have 1970 MB/s of capacity (15.76 Gb/s) and PCIe to Ethernet is a lot more efficient than USB to Ethernet.


…very little…almost nothing about the use case (in this thread). However, reading other posts from him, it looks like he has interests in using the board for a desktop build / form factor.

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Thanks for the suggestion guys!

I saw some Realtek ones, but not sure about the compatibility (considering the various Wifi card issues) though the upcoming Ethernet expansion card uses a Realtek chip. I also seen things like this: too. If my memory serves, it uses the same chip as the new expansion card but USB vs PCIe interface as well as the implementation usually differs (from my experience).

As Second Coming have said, I am kinda trying to DIY a ITX build but my home is fully wired with no WiFi, so I am looking for Ethernet options. I have a USB dongle for the Framework I am ordering but as I am thinking of building a kinda mini PC for my parents and Framework has limited IO (less a Thunderbolt dock), I was thinking of maximising the remaining connectors onboard (from my understanding the eDP connector cannot be converted into any kind of HDMI/DVI output with a different resolution), so just thinking about the WiFi module.

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