EU Battery Laws

Does anyone know how Framework will be affected by the incoming EU battery laws?

I assume either way this will affect the 13 inch, but would it be enough for the framework 16 to have a battery expansion port module? If not, would both chassis models need to be redesigned to accomodate a hot swappable battery, or even discontinued completely?

2027 is a long way off and this is likely for new products only.

I don’t think the EU law requires a hot swappable battery. Just that the battery can be easily replaced or removed (for disposing/recycling) by the user. This is probably already the case for the Framework laptops as you just need to remove a few screws and they even give you the matching screwdriver.


That is also how I understood the rules: you either need to ensure your users can replace the battery with normal tools, or you need to provide those tools for free (on purchase? On request?). Since the entire point is to force repairable devices, I think the rules should follow concepts like framework, instead of the other way around, and I believe they do.


As a repairer of laptops…Framework is fine on this front. Replacements are available. Replacement is not hindered in any way. And they even show the method of replacement so…

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The Framework Laptop is already compliant. The only applicable restriction is that it be able to be replaced with only the use of commercially available tools, which it already is (a T5 screwdriver, which is both provided and available on the market).