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I’m hailing from Italy, where the Framework Laptop is not yet available, but since it is available in other EU countries, I have some things I’d like clarified so that I’m ready to make my decision when it does become available.

As background to understand my concerns, postal services in Italy are known to be somewhat dodgy, and Customs handling even more so, with packages sometimes stuck for months at Customs facilities or just plain “lost”, or in the best of cases, lots of questions being asked. So, usually, I only buy things that are shipping from inside the EU, where I’m not an importer, and thus where Customs are not a factor.

I think I understand that, even though Framework Laptops are shipped to the EU from Taiwan, it’s still considered an EU-internal sale somehow, as the VAT is charged as part of the purchase, and there is an EU warranty (as the warranty information says it’s 2 year rather than 1 for EU purchases, making me think it’s the legal EU warranty). Can I have this confirmed? Is there a scheme where despite it being shipped from Taiwan, I’m receiving it as a customer and not an importer, and I won’t have to deal with Customs?

Secondly, should I need warranty service, I will need to send any faulty part back. Would this mean sending them back to Taiwan, or do you have a warehouse or receiving center in the EU? The reasons for asking are largely the same: risk of loss of packages and potential issues with a Customs declaration.

I can’t deny that I’ll be a bit on the edge with buying something this valuable that ships from well outside the EU.

This post from the Framework team has info about the issues with ordering from countries where the laptop has not launched yet. Framework Laptop vs Marketplace Orders and Freight Forwarding

At the moment it’s something of a moot question, because Framework do not provide support to Italy yet, although I’m sure it isn’t far off.

Only framework can answer in terms of their specific plans because as yet nobody has received a Framework laptop in the EU officially, but what we do know is that VAT is charged by Framework which means the laptops enter the country with all duties and taxes paid and, after a quick security check, should just go straight into the regular domestic mail stream of whichever carrier is chosen by Framework or their distribution partners.

What we do not yet know is whether Framework will ship every order individually from Taiwan, or if they’ll ship bulk orders into Europe then fulfil individual orders from there - my guess is that the second option is the most likely because it’s much less paperwork for them!

In terms of returning items, that’s really for Framework to sort out because it’ll be their responsibility to get them back for warranty swap outs, so you shouldn’t need to worry about that. Even if it’s abroad I would imagine Framework would provide a prepaid label, but nobody except Framework can say for sure yet.

And with allllll that said, I would not advise ordering to Italy until Framework actually support Italy! You will most definitely not get any warranty support if you buy in an unsupported country. Some people have used freight forwarders and the likes, but if you’re worried about the postage then I cannot recommend enough to just wait until Framework are ready to sell to you directly :slightly_smiling_face: it’s hugely painful to have to wait but I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

I do not intend to use freight forwarding. I only intend to buy the laptop when (if!) it becomes available to Italy, but I’m asking some questions preemptively, and under the assumption the rules for Italy will be the same as the ones for France and Germany.

It they turn out to be different, I really won’t fault anyone, as what I’m asking is basically how it works right now in France and Germany, with a view on Italy being the same later.

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Awesome! I hope the wait isn’t too long for you :blush: I’m quite sure it’ll be available at some point, hopefully not long after Batch 8 gets sent out and the team can see how it all went, they’ll announce new countries.

Unfortunately the shipping to UK/DE/FR hasn’t begun yet, but I’ll make sure to come back and let you know how it works for me in the UK when it gets to that point and I’m sure there’ll be people in France and Germany who can report in too.

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