ETA on shipment to Belgium

Hi there!
I’ve been closely following the development of Framework for over a year now so I was pretty excited when I heard that orders are opening in Belgium this summer. I’m currently holding on to my old crappy laptop which is quite literally falling apart.

Now, my problem is the following:
I’m studying abroad next semester and I’m leaving around mid-august. I’m hoping to get my hands on a Framework laptop before I leave because I’m not comfortable traveling with an old, unreliable piece of junk.

Can I realistically expect to receive a Framework laptop before I leave the country?

Thanks in advance.


there is no ETA. if you really want one you should cross the border north, south or east. framework doesn’t support this but having done something similar, i wouldn’t be too worried.

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They announced at their recent Next Level Event that preorders will expand into Belgium, Italy, Spain and Taiwan this summer, but we have no more specific ETA than that.

Until it is officially available in your region, please note that Framework does not support freight forwarding (including the use of package holding services and P.O. Boxes) to unsupported countries as they do not have the authority to sell or ship their products to any countries/regions outside of their officially supported country/region list located here: What countries and regions do you ship to?. If individuals proceed by entering invalid/incorrect billing information, their order will be subject to cancelation/refund, and their payment method may be subject to blacklist. If the order does proceed, they are acknowledging that Framework is not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of not utilizing Framework’s direct shipping to a supported country/region, and that they are fully accountable for any additional costs incurred, or documentation required. Additional information can be found in the Framework Terms of Sale and the Framework Limited Warranty documentation.

For this reason, the discussion of them is prohibited across all Framework community platforms. If it continues to come up, this thread will be locked.


Hi, if Iam not wrong some EU countries already have framework., Why dont you post it on Amazon so we can just buy it from any EU country and you just ship it from that EU country?

Im also using my old one, waiting the moment…

Can’t wait until release in Belgium :scream:
Still working with my 8 years old asus, i can go à bit further until good news