Expansion Bay Carrying Case (In Progress)

I’m working on a 3D-printable Carrying Case for spare Expansion Bays.

Are there any features you would like to see?

Here are some Features I plan on implementing:

  • 4 Expansion port storage slots (1+ ethernet adapter compatible)
  • Printable on 256 x 256 x 256 mm³ Printers
  • Screwdriver Storage
  • Low-Profile

From the mockup, is this a storage option for the expansion bay shell and expansion GPU?

This is a great idea, following :heart_eyes:

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The case takes up the space the laptop would take up and latches to the foot, making it compatible with Both. The goal for this project is for it to be portable enough to be in a backpack so you can hot-swap the GPU module when you need it.

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Hi @EmilioP! Welcome to the forum!

Nice concept. Do not forget a place to safely store the interposer connector!




  • completly covers electronics.


  • clips are too tight and not compliant enough
    • 1st iteration didn’t fit on GPU; 2nd had increased tolerance (.25") and still permanently deformed before clipping
    • Unsure if it’s a geometry issue or if the GPU and Default feet are different. Will test this out later


  • Find a way to attach both halves of the print.
  • make storage on the sides. The 2 options I’m considering as are:

Let me know what you think.

  • I would Buy this.
  • I will print this once it is finished
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Could you provide a version that is not split in the middle for printers that can fit the entire part?

I can post both once I finalize the design and am happy with it.


@EmilioP This is a great build. A place for screwdriver and interposer storage would be amazing!

The biggest issue with the interposer storage is that, personally, I would want it in an antistatic bag in the front pocket of a backpack. It will have a spot for the screwdriver. I’ll see where I can fit a spot for it for those who care less about static or wear & tear.

I am interested in the case as I ordered the dGPU and the shell. Now I am looking for something to hold the shell or the dGPU. For the interposer storage I am planning on re-using the case the interposer for the shell came.

Aren’t both interposers essentially just traces on an FPC? I don’t even see any passives, why would they need anti-static protection if that’s the case?

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