Another Expansion Card Holder

Here’s another expansion card holder. I just wanted something simple that would stop my cards clattering around in my bag and would not take up additional space. The cards are held together by friction. Updated to improve hold and add chamfered edges.

Framework Laptop Adapter Holder.stl (598.3 KB)
3D design Framework Laptop Adapter Holder | Tinkercad


Nice! I like that simple design. I especially like how you can easily see which each card is which.

The only thing I add is to chamfer or round the bottom edges, but that’s really just a nitpick. Nice job and thanks for sharing!

Good idea. I’ve also been playing with the tolerances on the holes and spacing. I guess the amount of friction depends on the material you print with.

Yeah, that makes sense! Another thing to keep in mind is that different materials will shrink at different rates, so you may need to adjust the size of the USB-C port cutouts.

Printed. Works great!


This is great! And my first use of my local library’s 3D-printing services.